27/30 I do not know what is wrong with my code


I've tried almost everything and still not know why 4 keeps printing to the console. I looked in this forum for answers and they look like mine and I'm still getting nowhere. I tried refreshing the page and everything and it still won't work. PLEASE HELP!

My code:

var languages = {
english: "Hello!",
french: "Bonjour!",
notALanguage: 4,
spanish: "Hola!"

// print hello in the 3 different languages
var x = 'notALanguage';
for(var x in languages) {
if(typeof(languages[x] === "string"));{


Don't declare x as notALanguage and the 'if' statement's brackets need adjusting to

if (typeof (languages [x]) === "string") {...etc.

Think it should work with that.


Thank you! I always have placement issues with code LoL