26. Links and text decoration


CodeAcademy says it's wrong but I know it's right.. HELP!


What do I need to change to make it right?


Looks like some others are talking about this on other threads. I just had this problem. @megaslayer34772 are you using Chrome? I switched to Safari and did not receive an error. So that solved my issue.


i also changed from chrome to Mozilla and it turned out to be the worst, it could not recognize text-decoration:none


i just found it out, when using chrome just add space between (:slight_smile: and none so that it is like text-decoration: none;


I am getting the same error too


same here
other Browsers make it even worse. space inbetween didnt help either.
can i somehow skip that lesson?


same here - changed from chrome to firefox and it solved the problem


I am having the same error, so weird. Does this mean Chrome is not the best option for learning HTML/Css? Hope someone can help me out with this! Many thanks!!


I am having similar issues. space is not helping!


switch to firefox. It worked for me.


I was using Safari and switching to Chrome fixed it.


I am having troubles as well. I know I have the code right but it wont let me pass. I am using chrome and tried spaces and triple checked the whole code and it won't let me pass. Even though I have text-decoration set to none and everything correct.


Hello Codecademy, i have the same problem here , i wish to see such a button soon, becsuse how would you feel when you are writing some serious Code and suddenly this happens of no reason? Thanks!


Switching from Chrome to Explorer did nothing, but Firefox somehow helped.


a {
color: #cc0000;
text-decoration: none;
put the color code first and text under it no need to change browser.


your trick not work for me.....


try refreshing it and apply that code nothing else.


La unica manera que te acepte el codigo escrito, que por supuesto esta bien, es haciendolo mediante Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome no te lo acepta, no se sabe el por que de eso. Suerte!


Same feeling bro, need a Skip button


Ha ha ha skip the lesson for later and keep going with different
subject Bro it's really nice here. Happy coding..