26. link and text-decoration

Hi, sorry to jump on this but I’m having the same problem too.

The URL is https://www.codecademy.com/courses/web-beginner-en-TlhFi/4/5?curriculum_id=50579fb998b470000202dc8b

Also the change is working and showing in the preview box but it just won’t move on

If you bothered to read the guidelines, it state that you should have made a new topic. If you really wanted to relate the other topic, you could have made a linked topic.

its difficult to say without your code what the problem is, but you didn’t include your code

But like i say, this course is no longer supported, as such, it might actually be bugged. But i can’t be certain without code

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Sorry, I just jumped straight from the exercise to this help page and I’ve never posted on a forum before so was unaware of the protocol. I will make sure to read the forum guidelines in future.

To be honest I had assumed I was helping with the original problem listed by providing the URL as you requested from that user and seen as I was experiencing the same problem I didn’t think I needed to include my code too.

I will make sure to follow proper etiquette if I ever post again.

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That would have required two steps:

post the topic the url, informing that you would like to contribute to help OP
create a new topic with your problem.

In programming, never ever assume this. Sometimes different mistakes can trigger the same error message.

There is a new user section on the forum:


which is really useful for a first time visit.

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Got it, thanks for your help!

Hi @hilauren,

I visited the link you provided, as @stetim94 said, that the older course is not maintained anymore (buggy at times) and might be retired in future. I cant have a say on your code as you have not posted your code here, if you’re sure your code is correct, maybe you can have a look into this topic, because a few of users including me got rid of that hurdle by changing browser using Firefox, you can read more of it here:

If you still can’t proceed, you may post your code here with learn proper format here. However, there’s no guarantee because it might be the fault in the validation test itself or the track rather than your code. Nonetheless, just give my suggestion a try.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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