25. size and borders


hey, I cant seem to fix that error. I tried everything I could. I really need help. What am I doing wrong??

25. Size and Borders - Error!

Well, it's a little blurry..
Have you tried reseting your brwoser zoom by pressing ctrl+0 on windows or cmd+0 on mac?
Did you remember to link your index.html to stylesheet.css?


I've tried everything!!
i even redid the whole thing. Still it's throwing an error.


why is the image so small? Could you copy paste your html and css code to the forum?


Hey! I have the same problem. What's wrong? How I fix this?


good for you? What do you want me to say?

could be so much wrong

Make a new good topic so we can have a look why it is not working for you


Could also be a HTML problem :slight_smile:

Please copy both html and css, into this thread :slight_smile:


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