25. Size and Borders - Error!


Hey guys,

I don't know why I keep getting the error message that's on the picture. I already went over all of my codes, and I can't seem to find any mistake. Can someone help me?



make sure your browser zoom is 100%

try resetting your zoom with Ctrl-0 or Cmd-0


It is. I also tried using a different browser, and I was still getting the same error message.


It needs to be typed as:

img {

and not as:

image {


o i was so stupid i didnt see that


Ooh! Well, that helps :slight_smile:



It's alright! You're not stupid.

Thanks for your help! :smiley:


Is there anybody that can help me with Links and text decoration?


Post a new thread about your problem and i'll be happy to help you


Is there anybody able to help me with Use classes to add class on Sorting Your Friends?

Thanks! :relaxed:

Can you also send me a :trophy:?


If you would like to get some help with the Sorting Your Friends lesson:

  1. go to the Sorting Your Friends forum here: https://discuss.codecademy.com/c/web/web-beginner-en-jNuXw
  2. click the + New Topic button
  3. fill out the template
  4. someone will help


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