25. More Variable Trouble


// Declare a variable on line 3 called
// myCountry and give it a string value.
var "myCountry" = "United States";

// Use console.log to print out the length of the variable myCountry.

// Use console.log to print out the first three letters of myCountry.
console.log("myCountry".substring(0, 3));

This is not working no matter what I have done. I have been absolutely stuck on it for probably a month. Help needed.


Don't put quotes on your variable names, like myCountry -- only use quotes on any values that are strings -- like "United States".

Once you fix that you will see a tiny problem with your choice of values for substring, but I'm sure that you can figure that out. :slight_smile:

It is about"(Rate my game)

Thanks! I finally got past it! :grinning:


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