25% done with the Front End Engineer Career Path. Can I get hired after I complete it?

I saw they updated the curriculum with exams to earn a professional certificate. I remember in the welcome letter at the start of the career path it says I will be taught everything I need to know to apply for a job as a front end engineer. Is it true? Will I know enough and be capable enough to get hired ?

That would depend on a number of variables. One of them being do you have a portfolio of projects that demonstrate what you know? The certificate just shows that one has completed the program. It doesn’t really establish what one has learned. So, keep learning and applying what you’ve learned. Work on projects that are of interest to you that will expand your knowledge.


If I keep learning, complete the career path, and make a portfolio will I be able to get hired?

If I had that kind of knowledge and foresight, I certainly wouldn’t be volunteering my time here online.
But, I digress.

Probability-wise, yes you are increasing your chances of getting hired by doing those things.
Every situation is different. Keep learning, practice, help others when they need it, work on projects in your spare time that interest you, and be able to discuss them. Do some research on behavioral interview, tech interview, and case interview questions. Be prepared.

That’s all I’ve got. :woman_technologist:

Okay thank you I was just meaning to ask if the education from the career path would make me job ready I understand a lot more factors go into it

I will also say: don’t limit yourself. Supplement your learning from books or other online resources. It’s good to mix it up.

happy coding.

for sure, i was thinking of picking up a textbook and ive a bunch of the mozilla documentation bookmarked. i am interested in learning front end hence why ive gotten this far in the career path, i guess i was just looking for at least some small sense of security that im not wasting my time and this is leading somewhere for me. im really trying to get a career going so i can change my luck in life

Are you on the discord server? (Click on the chat link at the top of this home page).
It might help to talk to other learners or pair program with those who are in the front end path. Have you talked to anyone in your learning cohort?

It will also help when you can put your knowledge to use and have a portfolio of projects to discuss and show any potential employers what you know.