24 Accessing Private Variables - why use function and not a property variable?


I've got the balance to display by assigning the private variable to a property variable, and then calling that property variable. So, I was wondering, why do we bother with the function?

ie, instead of:

this.getBalance = function() {
      // your code should return the bankBalance
      return bankBalance;

why not use this:

this.getBal = bankBalance;

and then console logging john.getBal

Can someone please explain the advantage / need to use the the function instead of this shorter/simpler way?

edit: full code if needed: https://gist.github.com/25815ac296b45fc7cb28d1e883f0ab62


Never mind.
Functions are used because in exercise 26 we need to use an if statement, so this just prepares us.
This can be closed.


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