23. pseudo selector


font-family : cursive;

still not working, help me!

Having an issue with this pseudo Selector

uhm.. your paragraphs should be after your h3 heading:

<!-- three paragraphs here -->

then should select the 4th elements inside body (body :nth-child(4)) or the 4th element which is a paragraph (p:nth-child(4)). notice the space between the css selector and :nth-child when selecting the element nested inside body, or the 4th element which is a paragraph

	<!--Add your HTML below!-->
	<h3 class="fancy">
	    <p class = "fancy">Priyanka </p>
	    <p id="serious">This is fun </p>

third paragraph is under H3 heading, still nesting is not done.


no, you nested the paragraphs inside the heading, the paragraphs should be after your heading:

<p>first pragraph</p>
<!-- other two paragraphs -->

nesting paragraphs inside headings (and vice versa) is bad practice, headings and paragraphs are not designed to hold other block level elements (paragraphs and headings are both block level elements)


Thanks :slight_smile: it worked!!!