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body :nth-child (4) {

it keeps saying:

"Did you give your third paragraph a font-size of 26px? It looks like it's currently undefined."


This code only works if your html code is correct as well, please post your html code


<h3 class="fancy">
<p class="fancy">fasfdsafs</p>

<p id="serious">asfafafd</p>





The third paragraph has an id called serious so in your CSS you need to connect with that id.

When selecting an id in CSS you put a # before the id name so

serious {

     font-size: 26px;


Don't forget after every command in CSS to add a ;


never nest headings (h3) inside paragraph and vice versa, bad practice, and worse for this exercises, it messes up your count. Now your h3 is first child, the paragraph (fancy) inside your heading is first child of h3, your serious paragraph is nth-child(2), and your last paragraph is nth-child(3), so you need to close you heading before your fancy paragraph.

@zainabrawat, i am sure he wrote the .fancy and #serious in css, you don't use format, so your pound/number sign isn't visible, the last or single property doesn't strictly require a semi-colon, i would recommend the semi-colon, but isn't a must.