23.more substring practice


console.log(“january”.substring(0,3) );
console.log(“melbourne is great”.substring(0,12) );
console.log( “hamburger”.substring(3,10) );



Your sub-strings are correct, but the strings aren’t.
january should January (uppercase first letter)
melbourne is great should be Melbourne is great(uppercase first letter)
hamburger should Hamburgers (uppercase fist letter, and we have multiply hamburgers so s at the end)


thanks bro !! you save my life !!


I have all of the correct punctuation as far as I can tell but it’s still saying I’m wrong. What exactly is it that is wrong here?
"January".substring(0,2); "Melbourne is great".substring(0,11); "Hamburgers".substring(3,10);


Never mind, looks like I was completely forgetting the console.log() bit. Duh!


When I did it, the syntax error said unexpected


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