#23 It says Oops, try again. Did you give your third paragraph a font-size of 26px? It looks like it's currently 16px Help!



Hi @llxll13. the problem is simple you just put the fourth pargraph, change

p:nth class(4)


p:nth class(3)


@amanuel2 it still says the same thing


it is p:nth-child(4), not 3. But this only works if your html code is correct as well, can i see it? preferable post it (copy it to the forum), rather then a image


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I hope this will help

I think you forget the "P"

.fancy {

serious {

font-family: Courier;

body p:nth-child(4){


but body :nth-child(4) will select the 4th element in the body, yes p:nth-child(4) or body p:nth-child(4) will also work, there are multiply solution


You sir are a genius! I was stuck on lesson 23 for the longest time and nobody else did…

"body p"

body p:nth-child(4){

Thank you so much for sharing a valid solution!


No one else did because body p:nth-child(4) and p:nth-child(4) are the same thing. Both will select the 4th element (if it is a paragraph) nested somewhere in body.


I tried that and nothing else but that worked.


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But why it dosent with p:nth-child(3){font-size:26px;} ?


because nth-child count all elements, and the paragraph is the 4th element. a better way to explain this would be to say, p:first-child wouldn't apply the styling between the curly brackets, since the first element is a h3, not a paragraph


Thank You...........