#23 CSS/HTML says change font to Verdanda, but it is


Could I please see your html and what reference error you are getting and possibly a link to the exercise so that I know what it wants you to do.

I just tried your code, and its works for me.
Did you remember to link the index.html to stylesheet.css?

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ya. I tried to copy and paste what I had, but instead of showing the code, it showed the result.
I had link-type=“text/css” rel=“stylesheet” href=“stylesheet.css”/> [and before link-type there was a < but I had to omit it to be able to copy and paste it without it deleating the line of code]
in between the head tags and after the title tags

How do I post the html without it just showing the result?
Thanks for the quick reply.
The error says"Oops, try again. Don’t forget to set your h1 font to Verdana!"
The instructions say “Add a pair of

tags inside the body of our HTML page. Your h1 header can say anything you want! Then, on the CSS tab, make its font-family to Verdana and its color to #576D94.
Add a pair of tags below your h1 header. Put any text you like in there, then head over to the CSS tab and set the font-size to 18px and its color to #4A4943.
Make sure to end each CSS declaration with a semicolon, like this:”

Paste your html and then highlight it with your mouse and then click the button that looks like this: . That will format your html so that I can see it. The button is right above the text field (the thing your typing in).

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