22% into the full-stack engineer track

So, I reached the 22% mark a few weeks ago, and I felt the need to venture out on my own for a while to see if I could put my new knowledge to good use. There’s so much information out there for those willing to step outside their comfort zone. With the help of the Mozilla Docs reference material (which is truly awesome) and lots of youtube videos, I managed to learn quite a bit… Some jquery, flexbox, etc. The result of my effort is this work in progress (a lot more to go in the coming weeks). I’m gonna learn bootstrap 4 in the coming few hours, and then I’ll resume the codecademy track. Having realized how unwieldy the css code can get, I already know what bootstrap is all about.

Any feedback on my starter site below would be appreciated. I designed my logo using html and css before I took a snapshot of it to create an image logo (the code is commented out). The site is also responsive. Give it a shot by resizing the browser. If this turns out to be a real business down the road, it would be my third tech venture in this lifetime. LOL!


ps. Not new to programming, but certainly new to html and css.

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Looks shiny and responsive, keep It, please! <3

One quick remark, menus don’t appear smoothly, they appear too rapidly once hovered.

I’m gonna change it to require that the user clicks to roll the menu down.

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Okay, but the effect while they appear have to be enhanced as well IMHO.

Done adding slide /down/up effect.

Aha! Much better now!