[#212] Unable to connect to codecadamy (raginghavok777)

im trying to do the command line course on my school computers and it says unable to connect to codecadamy and i was wondering if anybody had any ideas that might help

Do you see the same behaviour on the Java or Git courses?
Is it just you or do others have the same problem?

its just me and yes it wont load the “Learn Java” course either

Others on your network can get connected?

no body else uses this website i learn on my free time

Is it a school computer or your own?

its a school computer if i bring my own computer to school i could get arrested and here is a screen shot of the command line course and i only have trouble so far with just these 2 courses

Your school likely has a firewall in place that is blocking access to some of the other sites that the Codecademy exercises need to do what they do.

most likely im just confused cause i use to do a lot of work on the learn java course but now its not working

but anyway thnx for the help :smiley:

Do you mean the JavaScript course or do you really mean Java?

sorry for all the screen shots it just makes it easier instead of exlplaining

Hmm, yes, that is weird that you got in before but can’t now. Are you sure you did that 12% on the school network?

yeah most of it like i worked on it for like 10mins at home but most of it was at school

Do you get to pick different computers to work on?

nope been using the same one for a year and a half give or take

Can you connect to all of these sites:



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yes i can connect to all of them

I’ve run out of questions. :frowning:

If I think of something else I will get in touch.

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ok thanks for atleast trying :smiley: