21. Links and text decoration -> This part doesn't working

The Instructions of this part is
In the stylesheet.css tab, give your a selector a color of #cc0000 and a text-decoration of none. Check out how the link changes in the Result tab!


So i type css

color : #cc0000;
text-decoration : none;

And the result is

Oops, try again. Did you remember to set your a’s text-decoration to none?

What’s wrong with that?

Can we see your full css? and the <link> from your html code

Assuming you’ve codied the code as you have it in the lesson, the only problem I can see is the extra spacing between color and the colon, same for text-decoration. So:

color: #cc0000;

instead of

color : #cc0000;

It’s working!..Thanks…

But I don’t understand why only this page needs that way…

Because I’m doing like that(color : #cc0000;) in other pages…and there is nothing wrong…hmm…

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Could be SCT (submission correctness test) being strict. Spaces between property and colon are valid i believe