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21/26 Links and text decoration

Hi! For a code for CSS:

a {
color : #cc0000;
text-decoration : none;

I got "Oops, try again. Did you remember to set your a's text-decoration to none?"

Can not understand why, everything seems ok...

Replace this line with your code.


UPD. With separate a {} it works, but ONLY if I move everything together without spaces btw "text-decoration" and "none"... Why so???

a {
a {


Remove the space between you style and your colon, :.
Your code:

a {
color : #cc0000; /*remove the space between color and : */
text-decoration : none; /*remove the space between text-decoration and : */


Can we see your full html and css code?


Well, I never changed html-part, and my code for css-file you can see in text of my question.
Actually when I removed all spaces before and after ":" it worked. But it's strange, because in all other screens spaces before and after ":" never lead to any mistake messages...