21/26 giving error code


I don't know whats going on here. But I have the code correct, but yet it is saying "oop's try again, did you remember to set your a's Text-Decoration to none?

Yes, Yes I have... multiple times!
A {
Text-Decoration: none; Color: #cc0000;

I have also tried it the other way
A {
Color: #cc0000; Text-Decoration: None;

Yes, the Html file is connected to the css file correctly
link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
(Yes, I know I took the < out of the code to place into here. Other wise you would not see it.


I never understood why people use uppercase lettters (except for <!DOCTYPE html>), make all css selectors, property's and values, all (and only) lowercase


I did make them all lower case, I even made them all upper case.
It still would not accept it.
it should not matter either besides Font's, So you can't say use lower case and only lowercase, because if you went through the program, you would know that Font's are required to have a uppercase starting letter.


I see you made a new post, your link to stylesheet is missing. Like pointed out in that post. Issue should be resolved now. Some font-family values (Arial, and more) start with a uppercase letter, not the font-family property, and other css property's


mhm I see
Well I eventually got it to work.
I had to type it out in notepad, and copy and paste it in. Made it the exact same way but didn't like me typing directly into it.


I have the same problem here
how did you solve it??


no, that is not how this works (read the guidelines) if you need help, post your code


I did need help, But no one helped so I eventually figured it out. its just the lesson did not want to read the code.
And you seem VERY confused about this. Should maybe see a doctor.


Please keep it friendly.


I am keeping it friendly, I am just saying that he should see a doctor if he is confused easily, or often.
That's medical advice, if anything I am helping him if it is a serious problem.


Ok I misunderstood you, but if it's advice that's not directly related to the code, please refrain from giving it.