2018: Recommendation for an automagical Python Editor or IDE

As of 2018: What is your recommendation for an AutoMagical OpenSource Python Editor or IDE?

I already did my research on available editors and IDE’s that are fully aware of Python. but i am interested in specific features and a short description of users who actually use them and can therefore recommend a specific piece of software, that enables its full use.

If you think your favorite has these abilities, but in a slight different way than i described in my wishlist, please nonetheless don’t hesitate to mention your recommendation and if possible describe how it differs, but in the end allows to achieve the same result.

Wishlist: The features that have to be given in an editor or IDE for Python:

  • Syntax Highlighting - which respects differences between Python 2 and 3
  • Live Indentation - means while editing indentation is corrected
  • Debugging Console - being able to define watch- and break- -points, marker …
  • Quick Unit Test - able to feed variables randomly, process functions isolated …
  • Tab Completion - aware of keywords and contextual options for specified py-env…
  • Project Browser - birds eye view of a project, without necessity to have all files open
  • Batch Replacement - find and replace code in a defined set of files or all of them
  • Versioning Builtin - at minimum aware of git and nice if cvs|merc|fossil|etc, too

The software must run on Linux [Debian | Ubuntu | Manjaro | Fedora | CentOS | FunToo] , should run on Windows [MinGW | CygWin | WSL] , will be beloved if ported to FreeBSD [10+R | 11+R], whereas TrueOS is acceptable, or at least can run via Linux-ABI , and i powder it with sugar if it’s available on OpenIndiana [Binary is nice, Source is fine].

To be absolutely perfect, it has to be usable (in main parts) locally|remotely via CLI|SSH (e.g. for batch processing, versioning, conversion, whatever).

If it also contains an interactive help-system with the possibility to download it for offline use, yeah it will be my one and only …

So, actually i am looking for a Python-specific Eclipse|VisualStudio at the size of an editor, fully aware of all features a one-man-army needs to work on projects, from any given and possible perspective.

Can you help?