2016 goals and achievements!

Hello fellow coders, programmers and students …

2016 is coming to an end, the festive month has began and a week has lapsed before you know it, it will be 2017.

I thought of this idea(to make this post) and then I told myself I will post it when the time goes closer, but I’m afraid if wait the month will fly by and I wouldn’t get a chance to post, so here it is!

  • Have you accomplished your goals for 2016 ? If so share it here and we can all get to know each other, interact and have a nice conversation.

  • What new projects have you accomplished ?

  • Have you learnt a new language ?

  • What new programming hacks have you learn ect,

Lets get this conversation going!

My achievements for this year

  • I normally am only a front end programmer, I have managed to change that this year, I have been doing some back end programming.
  • I created at least double the amount of websites I did last year.
  • I became a moderator ! :slight_smile:
  • I extended my desktop work space and improved my tech!

This is such a good topic idea! Thanks for sharing Zainab! It’s awesome that you were able to do some backend this year, especially if you’re used to front end and/or prefer it. And creating twice as many websites as last year‽ That’s insane!
This year has been crazy, but this is the year that I learned to program! I haven’t been doing if for long, so all of the languages I do know, (java, python, some JS and Ruby), have been from the past few months. It’s been amazing being part of this community and watching myself grow so much. :slight_smile:
This year I started an AP Computer Science class and decided that I wanted to study it in college/follow that career path. Additionally, I am going to finish tenth grade in just about a month, and school is something that’s crazy for me, so I’m happy to report that I am carrying on my 4.0 still.
I had a lot of downs this year, but programming really got me on the right track and I feel that it has given my life some sort of balance.
I can’t believe it’s almost 2017 :upside_down:


My pleasure, its always good to interact and engage with each other, we feel better and we learn too!

The aspect of back end I knew the concepts/basics of the language though I didn’t spend enough time practising it to learn to enjoy it. It’s challenging and nice at the same time.

Wow that’s quite a lot to learn in a few months, That’s great !

I have a few goals and wishes for 2017 I shall make a topic on that soon and we can get that topic started once this one has had its share…


Great idea Zainab :slight_smile:

I’m going to share some user stats for 2016, we can compare them next year to see how the forum has changed!

  • 3.27 million user visits
  • 1.27 million users
  • 49 thousand topics
  • 246 thousand posts

I have to agree with @kyleaw this is a great idea! Also, this sortof of falls in line with New Year’s Resolutions that we will all make (and break) in January! Being completely new to coding and the only coding I have learned has been through codecademy through the last six months it has been an interesting half year. I think my goals and all will be different from the more experienced but here it goes xD

Well, I had no goals lol. In fact, I had no idea what to expect. My coding experience started as just an off hand remark from the boss at work to learn some of this stuff. I have not used it at work yet but I have found a new world that I never would have found on my own. I thought computer coding/programming was something I wanted to learn but never thought I could actually do it because well it seemed way above my head. However, I have learned that I can do it and that is good enough for me :smiley: !

I haven’t worked through projects yet. Still really trying to “build” my foundation and make it strong. However, I am working to build a good coding environment on my computer at home so maybe my project is getting ready for projects haha

Well, I guess all the languages I have touched this year have been new lol. I have Javascript and HTML/CSS 100% or very close. Python/Java are the ones I have 50% completed. However, all are new and it has been excited to learn what I call the “Trinity” of coding (Javascript, Python, Java) xD

Well, I have learned how to use the forum and I have built up at least some what of a trust status on the forum so that people will take my questions seriously haha. Basically, building a good reputation and helping people out will also help you out when you need help. Hopefully that doesn’t come across selfish but wanting to be treated like you treat others.


That’s hilarious! It’s funny because those are the three languages that I’m most proficient at, (even though I’ve never combined languages are tried to build something complex.)

I would like to say that I completely am in your boat. I started trying to program a little while ago, and I just did not get it at first, but when I really started to understand it, I realized it’s no where as over my head as I thought it would be. We’re still obviously learning, but this site it really to see if we have the aptitude for it, and this really led me on the right path I believe because I want to do this as a career now.
It’s crazy how much stuff you learned this year, and I’m super glad that you’re part of this community!
You mentioned building your foundation to strengthen it and I know that’s one of the most difficult things, but I believe that you’re doing well. Can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!


hi i’m ,new so it is almost 2017

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The fact that you started is an achievement…
Well done and good luck on the journey :wink:

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Thought I should bring out this topic again as there’s a few days left of 2016,

Sooo if you see this message then leave a message with your goals and achievements

I got here. That’s one. This has been an incredible year, ending with RIP Carrie Fisher

Let’s pay homage to those we lost this year, and celebrate our own accolades in the New Year.

Sorry, Zainab; I am just sentimental. Cheers!