20% off and 5 'gift'memberships

Hi, I’ve been interested in upgrading to pro and just recieved an email saying that the offer ends today. I have a few questions but can’t find the answers.

Mainly… how long do the other members get free access?

What happens if I cancel?

Do you do invoices so I can send it to my company to pay?



Hello @tagsolver14754, welcome to the forums! I will invite @lilybird and @alyssavigil (CC team members) to this thread, as they should know the answer to your questions.
As far as I know, by free access, you mean the PRO trial? That lasts for 7 days. There is also a time limit on when you can start it, but I’m not quite sure about that one.

When you cancel, you go back to having access to the free content, and you can’t access anything you’ve done in PRO, however, I think if you decide to pay for PRO again, you then have access to any code you completed the first time you have PRO.
I hope this helps!