20/30 Penguins and stuff!


Hi there,

Can someone help me with that code?

function Pingouin(nom){
this.nom = nom;
this.nombrePattes = 2;

// creez votre classe Empereur ici et faites la hériter de Pingouin
function Empereur(nom){
this.nom = nom;

Empereur.prototype = new Pingouin();

// creez un objet "empereur" et affichez son nombre de pattes

var empereur = new Empereur("Gilgamesh");

An error message is returned : "Oops, try again. Be sure to display the emperor legs number!"
Any help would be much appreciated


Your code is right, it passes in my browser.
Try reloading your tab, resetting zoom to 0% by pressing ctrl + 0 or a different browser.
Good luck.


Thanks -_- I thought I was going crazy.