20/21 Why


Why it's wrong, in the next section 21/21 it's success to pass

crew = {
  captain: "Picard",
  first_officer: "Riker",
  lt_cdr: "Data",
  lt: "Worf",
  ensign: "Ro",
  counselor: "Troi",
  chief_engineer: "LaForge",
  doctor: "Crusher"
# Add your code below!
first_half = lambda do |k,v|
    if v < "M"

thanks before

if v < "M"

"IF" this, "THEN" what? Your if statement is incomplete.

You don't need an if statement regardless, your lambda will be directly used by select to display the items which return true to it.


thanks for advice. :grin:
my problem fix :wink: