2. While syntax. SyntaxError: Unexpected token, help please!

var understand = true;

console.log(“I’m learning while loops!”); }
understand = false;

The WHILE-loop
has a condition encapsulated in a pair of parentheses-( )
and a code-block encapsulated in a pair of curly-brackets-{ }
with your

	console.log("I'm learning while loops!");
        understand = false;

you would have a complete WHILE-loop definition
and sub-sequent closing-curly-brackets-} are not needed nor expected by the Javascript interpreter.


+++ while loop explained ++++ 3/11 +++++++

What they are trying to achieve,
that you are able to use a while-loop.

             point of entry
             in while-loop
 ->  while ( condition===true )   -->EXIT--->if condition===false
|       {  // begin of while-code-block  
|          // your code that will be executed 
|          //       as long as while-condition === true
^<- - - } //end of while-code-block, 
                     while-condition is checked again !! 

They give you the code:

var understand = true;

	console.log("I'm learning while loops!");
	//Change the value of 'understand' here!
	understand=false;   //<<== you make sure

1 You assign true to the variable understand

2 The while-statement -tests the condition-,
–which is the variable understand with its value being true
3 Access is granted to the while-code-block
4 console.log(“I’m learning while loops!”); is executed.
5 assignment of the false value to the variable understand
6 END of while-code-block is reached,
goto 2 //The while-statement -tests the condition-, understand

As understand renders to false,
the while will NOT execute its body,
and will EXIT.


google search
== the Book ==
javascript while site:developer.mozilla.org

== discussions / opinions ==
javascript while vs do while site:stackoverflow.com

== guidance ==


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