2.tip calculator 2


ok so im currently on the first meal task in python and i cant for the life of me figure out my problem, maybe im blind or something but i cant figure it out

i cant see why this doesnt work but it doesnt so can anyone who speaks snake tell me why python doesnt accept it

Replace this line with your code.


HI the lesson only aske you to..
Create a variable meal save in it 44.50
so you just need to do

meal = 44.50


but as u can see in my screenshot i HAVE a variable called meal = 44.50
the problem that pyth hates is apparently on line 4


Actually you are doing things way ahead of whatever is required by the instructions, but I guess you just want to challenge yourself first before reading the next few exercises :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, your code didn't work because of how you wrote it. For example, you wrote:

 meal / 100 * 6.75 = tax

Unfortunately, Python is a formal language, so it is really strict on the syntax and stuff. In Python, when you assign a value to a variable such as tax, the assignment binds a name on the left hand side of the operator to the value on the right hand side of the operator.

So, the correct phrasing should be:

tax = meal / 100 * 6.75

Switch all the others around as well, and the code should run fine.


hey i've some problem too..

meal = 44.50
tax = meal / 100 * 6.75
tip = meal / 100 * 15
total = tax + tip + meal

total_print =

help me please with the explain about this part...thanks


What you want to assign to total_print variable?
You have everything to end this lesson, just print a value of total variable.


oh just print from total_print with the same meal number