2. old enough to play?


// Check if the user is ready to play!

confirm("Are you ready to play?");

var age = prompt("What’s Your Age?");

if(age < 13) {

console.log("You can play but I take no responsibility.");

} else {

console.log("You are Ready To play!");


cant figure out what is wrong???


I took out the semi colons but it still doesn't work


This should work(Your code worked for me). Try resetting your code. And paste your code.


:grinning: I will try


It still says the code doesn't look quite right????


Ahh, this bug has been quite annoying i will flag it for the mods to take a look at it!


Is that the only error you see? Is there anything in the right hand window?


it says: Error: Unspecified error.


That's not very helpful is it? :imp:

Try reloading/refreshing the web page.


YAY it worked only the press of a button :grinning:


Could you help me?

I had the same problem, what button did you press?