2. Navigation, CSS


Can anyone show me the code to make font go inline instead of in a box?

Thank you in advance.



What do you mean by a font go in-line ?


In exercise 2.Navigation it is asking:

Change the li elements from being block elements to inline elements by setting the display to inline.

How do I set it up inside this:
.nav h1 {


display: inline;

the style needs to be added to your li not h1


I don't understand, not sure what that looks like?



I wrote a simple example ..

Click here


Ha, Ha,

Thank you that worked.

The hints on the instruction pages are not really hints, more to get you of track. Not sure.


They don't want to hand it out to you they want you to read understand and apply..

I suggest while you doing the course keep a notebook infront of you and take notes so if you forget something or can't understand stand it you can read through ..


Thanks, good advice.