2. Nano


Code academy does not react when I type:

echo "Welcome, Jane Doe"

and then press:

ctrl O
ctrl X

and then type:



Could you please post a screenshot of your code?


as @williamwallacef13 points out, a few more observations need to be made.

What do you expect the file contents to be?
If you open the file, does it match?

What's the output of running the following?

echo 'echo "Welcome, Jane Doe"' | diff -s - ~/.bash_profile

It'll tell you if the file is "identical" or differing, or missing if it's not even there

echo some text that matches the file contents. This will just print that text
Instead of printing it though, pipe it to the program diff, and compare to the file ~/.bash_profile
-s is for saying that it is identical if it is (otherwise it would say nothing)
- is to tell it to read input instead of looking at a file

Could also have used grep .. and probably a dozen other things


Probably, You have missed the "." after slash in the first step of this lesson )


I tried the code again adding the slash. What I'm really confused of is how to type Ctrl + 0. Thanks anyways


Press it, not type :slight_smile:

press ctrl O


lol the lesson I was in literally says "type" in the instructions window! SO CONFUSING. I was stuck for weeks haha, thanks for the help.