2. Nano The lesson doesn't respond



Please Check my Screenshots I really felt that there are errors here. I followed the step by step process so if I'm wrong the terminal 1.won't let me pass and initiated an x in the tick box or 2. It'll let me pass to number 3 and there will be a check in the tick box

IMAGE NO. 2 and 3 TYPE CTRL + O and INPUT Harry as filename and hit EnterCTRL + XInput clearWHEN I HIT ENTER NOTHING HAPPENED!!! NO X or CHECK


Once inside the file, as your second screenshot demonstrates, you write the echo command. From there use Ctrl+O to save the file, and after typing the file name, press Enter. It may prompt you with a Y/N question, just type Y. Once done, press Ctrl+X, which closes the file. Now you're back in the command line, and no longer inside your file. Type clear, to clear the file, then run the file with the line it tells you in step 3.


The file that you should modify is ~/.bash_profile, not ~/.bash_profileHarry


Hello @825orion! I did what you said but still the terminal doesn't return anything. Tried to reset the exercise and it worked. :blush:


I reset the exercise and it worked! Thanks! :smile:


Thank you guys for helping me learn more :heart:


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