2.nano... (Environment)

I am stuck on 2.nano. I tried to get the “clear” part of the …

In ~/.bash_profile, at the top of the file, type

echo “Welcome, Jane Doe”
You can use your name in place of “Jane Doe”.

Type Ctrl + O to save the file.

Press Enter to write the filename.

Type Ctrl + X to exit.

Finally, type clear to clear the terminal window.

I typed clear but it didn’t do anything.
Can anyone tell me how to do this?


I too faced the same issue.
I solved like thi ,
1.Copy and paste the filename from the instructions.
2.then do remaining instructions.you are done

I just attempted this but I am still not able to exit out of nano and receive a check mark
I typed and tried to copy/paste
“Hello, I am nano.”
“Ctrl + O”
“Ctrl + X”

and still nothing

Did you type the word “echo” before “Hello”

To me ages to realise I had completely missed the command echo

I did that but I still cannot get through this stage

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