2. I'm having trouble

I’m having trouble with when I type,
nano ~/.bash_profile…

And then go to type…
echo “Welcome, Jane Doe”
You can use your name in place of “Jane Doe”.

Type Ctrl + O to save the file.

Press Enter to write the filename.

Type Ctrl + X to exit.

Finally, type clear to clear the terminal window.
It won’t let me do anything past typing past - echo “Welcome, Jane Doe” -
Can anyone help me figure this out???
(This is “nano” I’m talking about)

What they really mean here is press and hold Ctrl and press the letter o key. That should save your file.

When I go to type “clear” it doesn’t do anything.

Let’s see a screenshot of your whole web browser just after you’ve typed clear.

I know what youre doing wrong dude, theres no space between “~/ and .bash_profile”

wrong way = ~/ .bash_profile
right way = ~/.bash_profile

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