2. if


i have completed the code but i dont really understand how it works with the 1 < 2 explanations please? :smile:


The if statements is just showing you what it can do, or what it is doing. You'll find out more information on if statements in the lessons after this one.


ok atm im at nr 6 but i cant really figure it out


What's your question? I can't really help if I don't know what's going wrong.


the thing is i dont really understand what an if is thats why i dont really understand the explanation is a bit weird from codeacademy for me because im really new to coding so i want a good explenation of what an if is


Ah I see. Well, it's easier if we translate it to English.

if (1 < 2) { ... }

this translates to:

"if 1 is less than 2, then I want to do ... "

This just lets the computer know you want to do something but only IF the condition (1 < 2) is correct.


thanks you so much for the last 3 days i have been thinking about this xD