2.How to do this ? Need help? how to open index.Html


Open up index.html. Modify the tag so it looks like this:



In the top left corner of the Codecademy editor (it's the middle pane by default), click on the folder icon.


I still haven't figured out how to open up index.html yet, if you know please help me out. thanx


Me neither. Does codeacademy run on Safari?


You need to doubleclick on index.html to open it. Clicking once just opens a preview. They could indicate that in the instructions (UX, anyone?).


So starting a new technology, so exciting.

Now how does CodeAcademy open and create a file?

I'm so stupid, my apologies to humanity. 22 years of development experience, and I can't open a file. This is tragic, I'll never improve my life. I should work at McDonalds.

....code academy, please help. I can't figure out this intensely complex issue.

seriously...where's the stupid button?

Hallelujah !
I found the solution to this horrendously difficult problem. The panels are not coloured well. The left panel blends into the screen. Its deceptive....its almost "old lady with a big nose and young lady in a hat" deceptive.

Keep looking left....its there. Stare at the screen.


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Thanks! Greatly appreciated.