2. Hello World: Where is the app.js file located?


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I do not know where the app.js file is located on the page. The file icon is faded as well as the open editor button in the right window.


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I was having the same problem. I found that if I clicked on the “Learn ReactJS: Part I” link in the middle of the top of the page, and then click back to return to the page, it seems to solve the issue.


It didn’t work but the page seems to be working fine now. Thanks for the response

HI. I am still having the same problem. how to resolve. The below comments did not solve the problem for me. where is the app.js file , and how to unlock the 3rd lesson, The mystery revealed one.

Code editor is faded and I cannot locate app.js

Reloading page does not help. Tried with several browsers. How to start working on the task?

Still waiting for an answer, the problem still persist here, the above answer did not work here, kindly help please.

Same here. If you check chrome console the error is there, it seems they “misplaced” a necessary file:
GET https://www.codecademy.com/api/management/v1/instances/user/53be5ac77c82ca34bf00115f/workspace/learn-react-01-01-02 404 (Not Found)

Guess we need to wait.

Same problem here… :frowning: please help…

Same problem. Not only with this lesson, but with all of them. I solved this once by heading back to main page then back to lesson.

Check the top right hand corner of your screen, the 3rd symbol in (left of the notification “bell” and your profile pic) should be a little green dot; which if you hover over it shows “Connected to Codecademy”.

If it’s not green, refresh until it is.

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i followed by 2201’s steps.

Click on the learn Reactjs link at the top of the page.
Then when you return to the reactjs summary. i clicked the continue button and it seems to work now!

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I believe this is a connectivity issue. To the left of your avatar at the top right of the course page you should have a green dot indicating you are connected to codecademy. Occasionally the coding window (app.js) becomes opaque when the connection is broken. Keep reloading the course and eventually it comes right.

that worked thanks dude

Thx. This solution worked for me!

Thanks it works for me.
Moreover, it seems due to IP restriction so I had to use VPN to fake my IP as an US IP to fix this connectivity issue

I kept refreshing and it connected eventually, but keeps disconnecting. Terrible. :frowning:

I am having this issue every time that I load a new page of the course, even if the green dot shows that I am connected. The only way round it is to go back to the course home page, and then reclick the green ‘continue’ button.

Not working here either.

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