2.Declare your variable..little stuff is very irirating..when i cant freaking notice it!


Help where needed please.

This is correct I think..

There was a problem with your syntax.

/*jshint multistr:true */

var text "Test","Test","Test","Test","Test",;
var myName "Dwayne";
var hits = [];


Hi this line

var text "Test","Test","Test","Test","Test",

first it's missing the = after text adn instead of , at the end you should put ;


should be one strinf like that

"Test, Test, Test, Test, Test";

the same here

var myName "Dwayne";

it's missing the = after myName


var text = "Test","Test","Test","Test","Test";
var myName = "Dwayne";
var hits = [];


still the same message im gettin here


you should also change that



"Test, Test, Test, Test, Test";


And last but not least the your text should contain your name at least ones.


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