#2 Create a Variable : Really stuck here

Hey there, so i’ll try to explain my problem.

Instructions here :slight_smile:

Variables must be strong to hold all of our stuff. Exactly how strong are they?

Create a variable named strength, and assign the string ‘50,000 pounds’ to it. "

Now, under the strength variable, type

console.log('How much stuff can a variable hold? ', strength);
Now we know: What can a variable hold? Just about anything!"

And my code right here :slight_smile:

“var strenght = ‘50,000 pounds’;
console.log(‘How much stuff can a variable hold?’, strenght);”

First instruction still don’t validate… Pls help

I would change all of these to strength not strenght. That spelling problem might be what is confusing you!

I’m really grateful I could stay stuck long !

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Glad to help! Happy coding! :smiley:

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