2. Class syntax


Console says this...

File "python", line 1
class NewClass(object):
SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing

Oops, try again. Did you create a class with the name Animal?

class Animal(pass):


pass should be object

then on the next line in the object, put pass


sorry but i dont really get what you mean


when creating a class, pass object as parameter:

class ClassName(object):
   # object content here

then the content of the object should be pass

class Animal(object):
object = pass

like this?


what is inside an object requires indention:

class Animal(object):
    # indention for object content

no, pass is a special keyword, it should be the only thing inside the object. just that one word


im still unsure about it


im still unsure about it

class Animal(object(pass x)):



look here:

class ClassName(object):
   # object content here

all you had to was replace/on the line below the comment put pass, that is it... (make sure it is indented)


okay thanks...
but i felt that maybe you guys can make the instructions clearer? i didnt understand the qn fully...


nothing is stopping you from searching the internet about more information about classes. Classes are a difficult concept, but OOP (object orientated programming) is powerful


@stetim94 dude that was so unhelpful, I'm having the same problem and gleaned nothing from your comments


So you want help, and the first thing you do is comment that voluntary help you are getting is bad

please read the guidelines, make a new topic, fill in the template of the topic so we can help you, this solution was written specifically for karray