2.cant find the problem


function Person(job, married) {
this.job = job;
this.married = married;
// add a "speak" method to Person!
this.speak = function() {

var user = new Person("Codecademy Student",false);

this is the code and i dont know what am i doing wrong, it gives me this error: "
Oops, try again. It looks like 'Hello!' wasn't logged to the console. Make sure that you properly defined the method and that you didn't change any of the provided code." thanks for help.


Your code completely works fine on my browser. May i ask what browser you are using? And can you please follow this when asking questions. Thankyou!


actually suddnly it worked, i think i just had to refresh, thanks for help !


I get the same problem but it works once I refresh in Chrome.