2/9 My file is not a file?



Hi again.
An other question :
What's wrong ?

mon_fichier = open("output.txt", "r+")

Oups, merci de réessayer. Il semblerait que mon_fichier ne soit pas un fichier.


You can find your answer Click Here.


Hi Bandit.
This is my code but it doesn't still work

mon_fichier = open("texte.txt","r+")


to read from the file just click on the text window and write on a few lines for example,

1. Hi

2. Hey

3. Hello


Like that :

mon_fichier = open("output.txt", "r+")


No I mean in the text.txt file just click on the window next to script.py named text.txt and write on three separate lines. :slight_smile:


Can you show me an example please ?
Thak you.


Next to script.py do you see a window that is called output.txt

If you do click on that window and write on the first line, anything.


Thank you but there is a bug on the french version and i found a solution on the french forum:


This is the good link


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