2/9 Cannot type in terminal


2/9 Cannot type in terminal


Why not?
Perhaps you need to click it to bring it to focus. If that's not it you'll just have to explain in more detail what you're seeing.


I am seeing what everyone else is seeing, just cannot type in it. Nothing comes out when I type in it.


And.. did you click it?

"what everyone else is seeing" doesn't tell me much, I don't know what you think others are seeing.


Yes I clicked it to show the typing bar.


It hasn't written out the prompt ($), it hasn't loaded fully.
I don't exactly have anything surgical to suggest as a solution, but it seems to be on your end since that exercise loads to completion on my side. So, my approach would be to switch out what you're using to access the site.

Try changing to one or the other of firefox/chrome - I've had times where only one of them would work. It might also be that giving it a few more attempts at loading will do the trick.
If you're behind a firewall, then that's also something to consider. I usually turn to Tor to get around that kind of stuff.