This isn't the right answer
def spam():
spam = "Eggs! "
print spam

Please help


why should we use spam(), at the top the code,. please explain


Your code has to be formatted like this in order for it to work:
def spam():
(indented) """prints spam on the console"""
(indented) print "Eggs!"


my code is like
def spam():
"""print spam to the console"""
print" Eggs!"
and it does not work what should i write?


Hi, the code works but you need to check the indentation very well.
Ensure the codes on lines 11 and 12 started at the beginning of the line without any indentation.
This held me for days, so try it n lookout for other likely issues.

Define your spam function starting on line 5. You

can leave the code on line 11 alone for now--we'll

explain it soon!

def spam():
"""print 'spam' to the console."""
print "Eggs!"

Define the spam function above this line.



# first we define our function using the keyword def
#  - then we give it a name - that's the spam part
#  - we also indicate that it has no incoming data -- that's the () part
#  - don't forget the : 
def spam():


you must do spam() not print spam


Do you think you could clarify your statement? What you're saying doesn't grammatically make much sense.