2/19 i'm stuck!


This is what I've writen:

def spam():
"""prints 'eggs' to the console. let's see if it works"""
print "Eggs!"

It says name 'spam' is not defined help please!


Can you type in your whole code for this exercise, please? Preformate your code as well please.


what is it asking you to do?


the comment says """prints 'eggs' to the console. let's see if it works"""

you have "Eggs!". when its asking you to enter "eggs"


don't worry I've solved it. The thing is that in the program I wrote print "Eggs!" with spaces before it so it didn't work :ยท)


I had the same problem. It's confusing because the example screenshot shows the print line as indented. When you remove the indent it works fine.


thank you, I had the same problem.


I wrote your answers, and still don't understand what's wrong :neutral_face:


please help me this is my code

def square(n):
"""Returns the square of a number."""
squared = n**2
print "%d squared is %d." % (n, squared)
return squared

it wont work please help