2/19 help im stuck


This is what i got

def welcome
puts "1..10!"

but it wont work and my friend said it is correct


It may be necessary to reread the instructions. We start with this code in the editor:

___ puts_1_to_10
  (1..10).each { |i| puts i }

How does one get, puts "1..10!" out of that? And how correct is it?

You did fill in the blanks correctly, but should have left the second line alone.


i did this and it worked...also that's what i think it supposed to be like


It truly is just asking you to punch in 'def' and 'end' in the areas you think they apply to. I think you were getting confused in translation. This method will now return:


-when used in a snippet. This won't really be a very helpful method.

The exercise tells you to ignore line 5 but what that's doing is calling the puts_1_to_10 method, telling your code to count from 1 to 10.

Hopefully that clears up a little bit of confusion.


Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!