print caesar "Graham"
print praline "John"
print viking "Teresa"

It says I haven't made a Caesar variable.

Caesar  with the capital C not the small c


how to do it very stuck?


like this

caesar ="Graham"
praline = "John"
viking = "Teresa"

You have to just assign variables here (i.e. with the = operator)
then after you can do

print caesar
print praline
print viking


I've done all that but it is still saying that it hasn't been created

print Caesar
print John
print Viking
Caesar "Graham"
Praline "John"
Viking "Teresa"


I've got

Assign your variables below, each on its own line!

Caesar = "Graham"
Praline = "John"
Viking = "Teresa"

Put your variables above this line

print Caesar
print Praline
print Viking

With the following outcome:


This seems to be the wanted answer, but I still can't pass this assignment. Codecademy says:

Oops, try again. Did you create a variable called caesar?

**Did you find a solution, coding774 and/or rydan?


for me it ended up being the spelling of caesar was wrong. it had me stuck for a while too


For some reason they seem to have made a mistake in the background code.

this code bellow works just fine.

Caesar = "Graham"
Praline = "John"
Viking = "Teresa"

caesar = "Graham"
praline = "John"
viking = "Teresa"

print(Caesar, Praline, Viking)