2/14 Why isn't this working?


$(document).ready(function () {
$("body").append('I\'m a paragraph!');


This isnt Working Since...

You needed to add the pargraph method


  1. Your Code: $("body").append('I\'m a paragraph!');
  2. My Code: $('body').append("<p>I'm a paragraph!<p>")

If you need the whole code here it is:

    $('body').append("<p>I'm a paragraph!<p>") 

Reply to me if it works..


Hi, you should add paragraphs and also if you have any text with single quotes, than you need put your text into double quotes and vice-versa. That's why @amanuel2's code works!
Good luck)


First create 'P' tag in index.html, then write jquery append code
$('body').append('<p>I\'m a paragraph!</p>');


It worked but one thing I don't get. The you put the <p> inside the quotation marks. Wouldn't the <p> get printed too ? How come it doesn't ?


I Cant see your code properly... Please format it.