2/13 Weird exceptions when running code


Hi there,

I came back after some time and tried to continue my exercise from step 2/13 but can’t finish it.
Please see this screenshot:

Although I really copy/pasted the code from the instructions instead of just typing it in I get a list of exceptions that do not make any sense for me (I am experienced in coding yet at all, but not that much in Java, however I can’t detect a syntax error here).

Resetting the whole lesson did not help.
I am using Firefox 54.0

Any idea what goes wrong here? I found that I can’t add an image to a bug report so I place it here in discussion board now.


If you look at your image with a Magnification of 150%
you will see that the opening&&closing parentheses of the FOR-loop are underscored.
and those underscored parens are not seen by =main= and =print=.

So i suggest
that you use your keyboard, and backspace & retype the opening&&closing parens of the FOR-loop.
You could do the RUN or you could take a new image and examine if the underscoring is still there…
( it would be an explanation of the JAVA errors… )


Hi Leonhard,
for some weird reason when I tried again today it works for me again as expected.

Thanks for your help anyway.


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