Why is this not working?

var languages = ["HTML", "CSS", "JavaScript", "Python", "Ruby"];
console.log = (languages[2]);

I need to log the 3rd element and the code above keeps giving me the error "Make sure you log the 3rd element".





@edwin0258 I tried that and it comes back with the error "console.log is not a function"


You'll need to reset your browser. After you change a major function like that there's no way to fix it other than letting the browser restore to default settings. Go ahead and switch it to @edwin0258's example and see if after restarting your browser that everything works.


Must be a bug. It should work. Refresh like @lolman suggested.


@lolman @edwin0258 I reset my browser a couple times. For some reason it still didn't work. I ended up skipping that exercise an moving on to the next one, I completed it, went back to 2/11 and it worked. Not really sure what changed but it worked.

thanks for the help!


I did that, too... @wilcarter and thanks for the help!