i have no idea where to type, int on this part of java script… way to confusing, help please!!

This is Java, not JavaScript. There is a huge difference.

Could you explain the problem you are having a little better?

lol i meant java. sorry. i failed at it so many times that it ended up just doing it for me.

i do not get step five. the first instruction to step five of java says: set the int variable to myNumber equal to the value of 42… i have no idea what any of that means.

It is asking you to set the integer myNumber equal to 42.

You would do that like this:

int myNumber = 42;

int means the variable you are declaring is an integer.

myNumber is the name of your variable.

= sets myNumber equal to the integer that follows.

42 is the integer that you set myNumber equal to.

; <— This semicolon ends the statement.

I hope this helps even the slightest bit.

Have a read

thanks it helps a lot