2/11 I can't pass


I'm able to do the whole'nano ~/ .bash_profile' part, as well as the following one where I have to write and echo, save the file, exit the text editor and clear. Just after that, in the Instruction part that option doesn't checks neither allows me to follow with the exercise. Please help.


YES, mine does exactly the same thing, please help


Screenshots please, so we can see what you see?


Then, I save it as welcome.txt with Ctrl + O :

After this, I type Ctrl + X and it brings me on this :

"swithed to bash profile" I don't really understand, so I type again Ctrl + X and then clear :

I think I did it all correctly, but it doesn't tick the 2nd exercise and I can't continue.


You've added a space in the path there:

~/ .bash_profile

That is causing your file to be created in the wrong place.

Remember that when you are at the $ prompt, you can use pwd to see which directory you are in and also ls -la to see the files and sub-directories in that folder.

The plan in this exercise is to make a file called .bash_profile in your home (~) directory, instead you have created a file called welcome.txt in your ... well, I'm not sure, maybe your music directory? -- use pwd and ls to find out.


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