2/10 Where do I put the .nav CSS code?


Exercise 1/10 told us: "The file main.css has the CSS rules that style the HTML in index.html.", but I bet you were in a hurry to get to the fun part and just clicked on Submit without taking time to figure out what that meant!

This is one of those things that is easy to miss the first time and then after that you wonder why you didn't see it. :slight_smile:

  • In the centre of the page, in the editing area, the place with the black background where you can see lots of code in different colours.
  • Look just above line 1, see where it says index.html? That is where all of your HTML code is going to go.
  • Look just to the right of index.html, see where it says main.css? Click on main.css and you will be in the tab/page where you will be writing your CSS rules.
    location of main.css tab

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As newbies, at the time of talking about main.scc (probably) not many people understand what CSS rules are. It could be explained better by saying that this is where the CSS code is going to be typed in and it could also be circled, as you did.


you re right! I am in ths situation either


You nailed it on the head. I rushed through the reading and didn't pay attention to the main.css tab


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i wasted hours on finding out how to put the css thank u guys heap


indeed, I rushed. Thanks for the solution:-)


Omagawd thanks so much I hate it when I submit and get through something if I don't understand it. I just saw had this issue and thank you so much for helping me out. :smile:

UGH very frustrated, I have no clue what to do... I did exactly what the instruction on codecademy said but there are errors for every rule. I even looked at the hint and it didnt work


you've helped me a lot thanks , this exercise was driving me crazy

Guys .a in my code doesn't seem to be registering

Whenever I hear the code css, i find whatever sounds like it so i put that code in the main,css


Thanks it took me ages to find that out.


Thank you, very helpful for newbies :smile:


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4 posts were split to a new topic: 2. i need help in writing it in the css


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Lol ty i thought i was fk'd


Thanks a lot. I was having trouble but you helped me a bunch.:grin:


I have tried everything, and I can not get past this part. It says that my color coding is wrong, then the font is wrong, then the color is wrong. Ive done everything listed above, so I dont know the issue. Help me please!


Please show me what you have and the error you are getting.